A Prayer of Lament

Our Father

Father of the four-thousand-six-hundred-forty-five Puerto Ricans who died in the aftermath of hurricane Maria;

Father of the over seven thousand Mexican women who have been assassinated in México since 2012 in cases of gender-based violence;

Father of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Botham Jean whose lives were taken down by the keepers of the “order.” Their blood cries out for justice.

Father of Joshua Brown.

Father of the innocent children of Central America,

Who come here frightened and longing for another life,

With families fleeing violence, only to find their lives like dogs in cages.


“Our Father, you who are here on earth,

whose name is taken in vain,

by unworthy pastors who remain silent

and gladly collaborate with those

who create “human rights” policies

to continue destroying Your image,

in those men and women, they impoverish, exploit, and persecute

in the name of the God of Capital.


Hallowed be your name,

in all those who defend the lives of the poor

above money, and coffee, and cotton, and sugar cane,

above political parties, and the laws

and interests of Transnational Corporations.


Hallowed in the poor and humble

who still have faith and hope in you

and therefore organize themselves and struggle

so that their dignity be respected.


Let your Kingdom come.

your Kingdom which is Freedom and Love,

which is Brotherhood and Justice.

which is Righteousness and Life,

which is Truth and not lies.”[1]

[1] Julia Esquivel, fragments from “The Lord’s Prayer from Guatemala,” in Threatened with Resurrection: Prayers and Poems from an Exiled Guatemalan (Elgin, IL: The Brethren Press), 1982: 15-29.

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