Femicide / Feminicidio

Fe•mi•ni•ci•dio (Eng. feminicide)

Español. “El asesinato de mujeres y niñas basado en una estructura de poder de género. El feminicidio es la violencia de género que es tanto pública como privada, y que implica al estado (directa o indirectamente) y los perpetradores individuales (actores privados o estatales). Por lo tanto, abarca la violencia interpersonal sistemática, generalizada y cotidiana. Por último, el feminicidio es violencia sistémica arraigada en las desigualdades sociales, políticas, económicas y culturales.”

English. “[T]he murder of women and girls founded on a gender power structure. It is gender-based violence that is both public and private, implicating both the state (directly or indirectly) and individual perpetrators (private or state actors); it thus encompasses systematic, widespread, and everyday interpersonal violence. [Lastly], feminicide is systemic violence rooted in social, political, economic, and cultural inequalities.” [1]


Since 2015, I have been following cases of femicide in Latin America. I was introduced to the topic while taking a Global Theologies course and after sharing with my professor my interest in Latin American feminist theology. Since then, it has become one of those topics that you cannot let go of.

I will be presenting a paper titled “Mission in the Killing Fields: Feminicide in Latin America and Misión Integral” at the North Central Regional EMS Conference Mission Amid Global CrisesIt will be held at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School on Saturday, March 16, 2019. For more info, click here. Also, Dr. Jules A. Martínez (blog Theodrama) will be the plenary speaker. His talk is titled “Aftermath: Missional Theology and the Praxis of Faith in the Face of Disasters.”

But you all know I am a sucker for providing free resources so that people can inform themselves. Feminicidio in Latin America and the Caribbean is a Spanglish list of videos, books, podcasts, and articles on the topic. I have also included some resources on the murders of indigenous women in North America, an issue that is too often overlooked.

If you do not know where to start, let me recommend you begin by watching The Femicide Crisis in the State of Mexico, by VICE News.

Juliany González (3)


[1] Rosa-Linda Fregoso and Cynthia Bejarano, “Introduction: A Cartography of Femicide in the Américas,” in Terrorizing Women: Femicide in the Américas (Duke University Press, 2010), 5. Spanish translation mine.

Featured image: Photo by T. Chick McClure on Unsplash